Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Annual DYN Renesys Bakers Dozen Report/The Top Global Internet Service Providers

The Bakers Dozen annual report is out highlighting the Top Internet Providers from 2016. Cogent surged to #3 showing that we are not only one of the most interconnected networks globally, but also still one of the most reliable and scalable networks out there.

Last year saw consistent and solid gains for all the carriers in this group. But the true star of the show was Cogent, surging all the way from #5 to #3 in twelve short months. Cogent’s rise was in no small part due to broad-based gains from Asian carriers.

 Cogent’s substantial end-of-year drop was the result of losing Apple (AS714) as a customer. But they quickly began to recover with more gains in Asia, such as increased transit from PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (AS7713), Rostelecom (AS12389) and Pacnet (AS10026) to name a few, ending the year just ahead of NTT. NTT’s growth was a bit more erratic, but still about 4% over where they started the year and just a hair below Cogent at year end.

Bakers Dozen Report Link

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