Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CIO'S Focusing on Digital Transformation & Changes in Technology For 2016

IDC predicts digital transformation will shape 2016

What will IT leaders focus on in 2016? The recently released "IDC FutureScape: Worldside CIO Agenda 2016 Predictions" report outlines what the research firms sees as the most significant predictions for the coming years. According to IDC, the biggest issues in IT leadership will center on business needs, capabilities and availability related to digital transformation.

The data shows that two-thirds of CEOs plan to focus on digital transformation strategies for 2016 and that CIOs will be major players in leading every department through this shift. In terms of capabilities, only 25 percent of CIOs report feeling confident in how they are driving new digital revenue streams.

When it comes to availability, CIOs are focused on legacy IT services and how to maintain them with limited budgets, while also increasing digital transformation within the business. In order to accomplish these goals and maintain success in the coming year, businesses will have to focus on innovation, integration and incorporation, according to IDC. That includes implementing cross-functional partnerships, investing in new technology and fostering a culture of innovation within IT.

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