Friday, September 9, 2011

Google Unifies Android in an Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Unifies Android in an Ice Cream Sandwich
by Matt Klassen Article Link

In October, as the kids—and those who wish they were kids—are gearing up to go trick-or-treating, the tech world is preparing a series of treats for us as well, that is unless some sort of devious trick is involved. Not only is October the likely release date for Apple’s newest iteration of the iPhone, in sticking with the sweet candy themes that already imbue the month Google has announced that it will be releasing the latest version of its Android operating system, deliciously codenamed “Ice Cream Sandwich.”

While I don’t think even Google brass know why the company keeps returning to dessert themesfor the various iterations of Android, this one seems particularly apt. As an ice cream sandwich is a sumptuous marriage of ice cream and cookies, so Android 4.0 (although its official iteration number remains in question) is a welcome blend of the previous two versions of Google’s mobile operating system, bringing together the smartphone strengths of Gingerbread with the tablet power of Honeycomb in one unified OS.

Although there’s no word on when the first devices running Android 4.0 will be released, here’s what we know about Ice Cream Sandwich so far.

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