Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Denver Dish Network is To Unveil Streaming Service, Get Top Streaming News

Dish Network to unveil streaming service
Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2011, 2:58pm MDT
Greg AveryReporter - Denver Business JournalEmail

Satellite TV company Dish Network .. on Friday will announce a new service likely to include movie streaming offered through its Blockbuster brand.

The Douglas County-based company, co-founded and controlled by Charlie Ergen, has scheduled a media conference call for Friday morning.

CEO Joe Clayton and Blockbuster President Michael Kelly are scheduled to unveil the service from San Francisco in a press conference dubbed “A Stream Come True” (held via Ustream web streaming service, appropriately enough).

Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH), which rarely underplays a promotional opportunity, promises the service will be “the most comprehensive entertainment package ever!”

In addition to having the webstreaming technology that Blockbuster used, Dish Network has been rumored to be bidding for the online video service Hulu. Whatever the outlines of the new Dishbuster service, it’s likely to salt Netflix ..’s recent wounds.

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