Monday, June 20, 2011

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Fierce Telecom Is Where It's At!

Well besides our site and all that we have to over, checkout Fierce Telecom for some amazing inside scoop as to what's going on in the industry!!

Contact me at at GTT Global Telecom & Technology for more Info: Whether you need Wide Area Network Services, price shopping, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), High Speed Ethernet/BGB or better Peering -we have over 600 and 96 On Net POP's in 46 markets! GTT has a suite of offerings that nobody else has. We can help you choose the best of breed technologies and services from hundreds of telecom carriers - globally in 80 countries - as well as from a suite of our own modular technology and managed services options.

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  1. Oh, nice! Thanks a lot for the news, appreciate it. :)

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