Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 IT Employment Outlook

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The IT job market for hands-on, highly skilled information technology professionals was picking up at the end of 2010, and IT employment for midlevel managers will do the same by the second quarter of 2011, experts say.

“Most of the IT people who were laid off over the past two years were managers with no current technical skills, including line managers, project managers and business analysts,” says David Marceau, vice president at Ridgefield One, a Connecticut IT staffing agency. “Their responsibilities were then dumped on the techies, who were forced to wear multiple hats, often for the same or even lower pay.”

As the economy improves in 2011, IT hiring will pick up as companies implement projects they put off during the recession and rehire those laid-off project managers, he says.

Companies will also need to hire network engineers, developers and support-desk personnel to help install replacements for slow or obsolete systems, servers and networks, says Tammy Browning, senior vice president at Yoh, a Philadelphia-based staffing firm.

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