Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Colorado leads renewable energy growth & employment, Denver Looks To Benefit!

Colorado leads renewable energy growth, employment
Amanda H. Miller -Article Link
May 26, 2011

Colorado is leading the nation in clean technology job growth with several new wind and solar energy companies relocating to and expanding in the state.

President Barack Obama renewed his call for economic growth through investment in renewable energy resource development last week. While he lauded the economic benefits of going green, Colorado employees enjoyed new work in the clean tech sector, according to information released by the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation. Employment in Colorado’s clean technology sector grew by 32.7 percent between 2005 and 2010.

More than 20 solar and wind companies have announced they would open or expand offices in Colorado within the last two years, according to the release.

“Obviously business follows public policy,” said Janet Fritz, spokeswoman for the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation. “The passage last year of new clean energy standards will help. It shows companies that there is demand here for clean energy.”

The state has been working to lure clean technology companies into the state and has tried to promote an atmosphere where the companies will feel welcome and able to thrive, Fritz said.

It doesn’t hurt that Colorado is home to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which is dedicated to testing and bringing new renewable energy technology to market.

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