Monday, May 2, 2011

25 Habits To Break if You Want a Job..Whether in Denver or Another City, This Could Help!

25 Habits to Break if You Want a Job
by Hannah Morgan
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This advice goes out to new job seekers as well as seasoned job seekers. It comes from those who have been in job search and have learned through the school of hard knocks. These are the top 25 habits to break, or not fall into, if you want to land a job quickly:

Link To Additional Bad Habits Here

*Only apply for jobs online
*Use the same resume for every job you apply to
*Don’t network or meet new people
*Don’t ask your friends and family for information
*Complain about being unemployed
*Bad mouth your previous employer
*Don’t target companies, apply to anything anywhere
*Ask everyone you know for a job
*Don’t take time to assess your strengths and passion
*Don’t research salaries
*Don’t follow up on anything
*Don’t do anything differently
*Stay away from LinkedIn and social media

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