Sunday, March 2, 2014

Denver's IT Summit April 2, 2014

There are some exciting new programs we are deploying for 2014. We’ve partnered with numerous IT associations, and are providing them with donations for encouraging their members to attend. In other words, we are paying technology associations to get their members to attend our events in 2014, and the results are already impressive. What does this mean for you? It means that we’ll have hundreds more IT executives at each of our conferences.

Leading associations like Society for Information Management (SIM) Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) and Project Management Institute (PMI) have already signed up. We’ve also reduced some of our prices, in our efforts to make our events bigger and better in 2014. On top of that, we’ll write you a check when your clients and prospects sign up to attend. Our top sponsors will receive tens of thousands of marketing impressions every single month.

Our goal is to become the must-attend event for the IT professionals in each region, and the must-sponsor event for you! We have made improvements to our 2014 sponsorships, and you can see them here. (For pricing, please respond to this email, or call 503-828-0294).

Here is our event calendar for 2014: 
 • Denver – April 2nd
 • Seattle – April 22nd • Houston – May 14th
• Los Angeles – October 22nd • San Francisco – November 5th
• San Diego – November 20th

You will see approximately 30 exhibit booths and 10 presentations. Each event is a single day. At most of our programs, the exhibits, presentations, luncheon, reception, and networking all occur in a single room so you are face to face with the executives all day. We encourage you to engage your partners to share marketing funds. We will feature you both, even when you share the cost. Up to five of your staff members are encouraged to attend at no extra cost to not only work your booth, but to work the entire room.

An unlimited number of your C-level IT-executive clients and prospects are invited to attend at no cost to you or to them, as your guests. The theme of each conference is intentionally general vs. vertically specific, in order to appeal to the most IT leaders possible. The IT Summit is; • Your unique occasion to speak directly with hundreds of IT executives in one place • Your opportunity to meet with regional technology leaders through hands-on exhibits • 84% are final decision makers or recommend solutions • 98% of the attendees at The IT Summit are directly involved in the purchasing chain.

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Contact me at at Integra  for more Info 3o3-884-4294: Whether your company needs Managed Network Services, price shopping, Cloud Firewall Solutions, Ethernet or Fiber Services, MPLS- Data protection, VOIP-SIP-Integra has a suite of offerings that nobody else can provide.

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