Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Things To Get Smart About in Telecom & Cloud Technology For 2014

Cloud Technology Getting Brighter
Posted on by Andrew Pryfogle
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Headed into 2014, I’ve been asked what the key areas are that people need to get smarter about to be successful selling Cloud in the new year. Even after several years of buzz and progress, there remains a tremendous amount of confusion around Cloud. Trusted advisors who understand how to apply Cloud technologies to solve real business problems are at a true premium.

Those who invest in getting smarter about Cloud are going to be the big winners next year. But with so much noise around all things Cloud, where is the right place to start? What technologies should you explore more deeply now to set yourself up for big success in 2014?

Here are my top 5:
#1: Desktop as a Service (DaaS) I recently posed the question, “Is DaaS the next hosted VoIP?” There are certainly compelling parallels between the adoption of these technologies. Hosted VoIP (voice-over IP) was a big idea with lots of promise for a long time before it went mainstream. 

#2: Cloud-Enabled Colo More and more customers are recognizing that it makes more sense to park their infrastructure in someone else’s closet instead of their own. Cloud is becoming a popular destination for that infrastructure but rarely is it a pure play Cloud solution.

  #3: Cloud Contact Centers You may have heard me say in the past that contact centers simply belong in the Cloud. I still believe that, and, in fact, nearly every contact center developer and manufacturer has embraced that thinking.

#4: Video as a Service (VaaS) I’m convinced this will finally be the year when VaaS breaks out. The value of video conferencing can’t be argued, and with the explosion in mobility, video adoption is finally accelerating. Web RTC will throw gas on that fire, and Cloud is making video accessible to the masses. I love the innovative solutions that Simple Signal and Arkadin are doing in this exciting space.

#5: Selling is Dead: The Evolution of Solution Selling I read a book this year called The Challenger Sale – Taking Control of the Customer Conversation. It’s the best book I’ve read recently on the subject of solution selling. The bottom line is this: Cloud demands a different sales approach.

Customers are swimming in a sea of confusion and desperately need help navigating those waters.

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