Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Expert Writing for Client Value Propositions in Sales

You Are Already An Expert At Writing a Value Proposition
by S. Anthony Iannarino Link

You are already an expert at writing value propositions. Over the course of your lifetime you’ve written thousands of value propositions. Well, to be honest, you didn’t actually write these value propositions. But rest assured, you did create value proposition. Let’s look at example. Remember when you upgraded your computer and bought that new MacBook Air? Did you really need the MacBook Air?

We could have an interesting debate over whether you wanted it or needed it, but there is no debating that you came up with a compelling value proposition. What did you tell yourself when you bought that computer? Maybe you told yourself that your old computer was too slow and that your work requires a faster computer. You might have told yourself that your new Macbook Air would boot in seconds, preventing you from having to wait to start working and saving you time.

Perhaps you told yourself that the new computer would be light enough that you could carry it everywhere with you, allowing you to work from anywhere and making you even more efficient. If you were really convincing when you sold yourself, you explained to yourself how much money your time was worth and how much more you would make with a faster, lighter, sexier computer

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