Friday, April 15, 2011

Finding a Sales Job in The Denver Area? Whether You're Seeking an Account Executive Role, Account Manager or Sales Consultant Position This May Help

Try A New Approach

1)Write a killer resume if you haven't already. You must tailor your resume for what’s relevant to the jobs you’re applying for.

2)Create a professional LinkedIn profile. You MUST utilize social media in your job search.

3)Use your LinkedIn membership. Don’t just create the profile. Get Active!

4)Create a great elevator pitch. You need to be able to summarize what you are bringing to the table. Make it short and sweet, but compelling enough to capture the attention of your listener/reader.

5)Network the old-fashioned way, too. Get out there and meet people. Attend Denver networking events and all tradeshows.

6)Develop your online brand. Your online reputation is the sum total of what an employer will find out about you when they Google your name.

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  1. Applying for sales job would never be so hard with the aid of your tips. That new approach is outstanding!