Monday, March 28, 2011

Benefits To Business of High Speed 10mbps Ethernet and More! Whether BGP, Designated Internet Access or CompaniesThat Sell This

There's a Question People Ask...Why Do You Need 10 Mbps?
There a bit of a sweet spot in the selection of bandwidth choices these days. T1 lines have been that hot spot for many years. Now business apps are getting more and more bandwidth eager with more outlets beings used to drain ones Bandwidth.

A 1.5 Mbps (equivalent) provided by a T1 tie in doesn't honestly have enough anymore, even though T1 line rates have dropped recently. The Ethernet equal is a 3 Mbps connection for roughy; the same dollar as T1 service, but get this....offering 2x the bandwidth. There are a ton of small businesses, 3 Megs Ethernet may be all that’s needed for the time being to those.

What can drain all this bandwidth? Businesses expandingwith more & more employees or those using on-site web hosting, video conferencing and other high demanding services find that 10 Mbps Ethernet can provide a larger bandwidth upgrade at a great cost. Believe it or not, it’s not that much more expensive than T1 was a years ago.

10 Mbps Ethernet Is In The Latest Hot Spot
A real reason that 10 Mbps Ethernet is in a “sweet spot” of bandwidth pricing is that you can many times get it delivered on copper as well as fiber optic cabling. Using copper, ie: multiple pair of twisted copper telco wiring. It’s the same type bundle that’s often used to bring in old school analog telephone and T1 lines. The service provider leases this already-installed copper from the local telephone company and then connects those pair to special EoC termination equipment. Thia is the magic that makes it possible to get such a large bandwidth jump without an equivalent jump in cost.

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