Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Denver Recruiter Seeking Top Sales Representative? Sound Familiar

Does This Look Familiar?
Pretty common sight it seems for many late at night cruising the Internet for job openings. Whether it's the all impt job boards or going directly to the source, Recruiters do lead many to Gold if you're lucky enough.
Recruiters are by many accounts, an important piece to the job search puzzle. Many dislike, can't stand, spend too much time waiting to hear back from each week or like me...I just play the game. I've met many great Recruiters and will always enjoy working with them, my friends however get the opposite reaction. What's your viewpoints to those Job seekeres out there? What's your take? One thing is for sure you love em or hate...we all need them so be nice and maybe luck will find you!

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  2. Dan,

    Thanks for the tips and I completely agree that one has to customize your resume to the position applying for, otherwise your content may not fit to what they are looking for (and experience that you should have). Thanks!