Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top Ten Networking Sites To Checkout Whether In Denver or Nationwide!

Can You Really Ever Network Enough?
Editors Note: This is a guest post by James Adams
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Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are general sites which cater to the social networking needs of everybody in the world. You might want a network which is more focused, something which pays more attention to your business needs and desires. Here are ten social networking sites which cater to business professionals.

1. LinkedIn: With over 75 million professionals, this is one of the largest social networking sites for professionals. Individuals talk to one another in thriving communities, sharing knowledge and information. You can use the network to hire others or be hired.
2. Tapped In: This is a social networking site for educational professionals. It offers a worldwide community to teachers, allowing them to explore venues in professional development. At Tapped In, there are event rooms, a job bank and specialized study groups where you can ask questions from your fellow teachers and receive experienced answers.

3. Networking For Professionals: Networking for Professionals combines virtual networking with real life networking by holding events around the country. This social networking site understands the value of talking with people in the real world, encouraging and facilitating contacts within and outside of your profession. The online portion provides ways for you to keep track of those contacts that you made.

4. Lawyrs: At Lawyrs.net, you can keep track of your classmates and their law firms. The site offers insight and information for all types of lawyers. You can create your own profile and add it to the law firm directory. You have access to publications which may be of assistance. This is a thriving legal community, with over 5600 lawyers representing 171 countries in the beta.

5. Perfect Business: Connect with individuals who are interested in starting new businesses, business owners and entrepreneurs on Perfect Business, read articles and advice which will help you set up your own business, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs who are on a similar path. Learn the secrets to success at Perfect Business.

6. Sermo: This site is free to all practicing physicians, acting as a community where doctors of all stripes can rest by the water cooler and vent about their day in a private setting. Research and observations are made. Information is exchanged between doctors about cases and practices. Sermo makes its money by allowing government agencies, healthcare institutions and financial services firms to have limited access to their doctors.

7. Start Up Nation: Start Up Nation is a social networking site which is over 86 thousand members strong. Communicate and network with other professionals, join their groups and learn the basics of growing your business from just a thought into a thriving reality. Take a few moments to look at their Knowledge Hub, or receive the answers that you’re looking for with their business solutions.

8. Active Rain: Find a home, receive advice, and get the latest tools and gadgets at this social network for real estate professionals. There are blogs, access to referrals, and testimonials on this site. If you are a real estate professional, this is a great place to talk about the business with people who understand.

9. Ecademy: At Ecademy, you can network with others within your field, talk about yourself and what you do, receive an email when another member visits your profile, create advertisements about your business and more. This site also allows for real life networking events so you can meet the people who will make your business grow.

10. Better Codes: Dedicated to bringing together the professional coders of the world, Better Codes is a social networking site for computer software professionals. You can collaborate on projects, talk to fellow coders about issues in the field, and get help when it is needed.
If you devote time and energy to the community sites which are interesting, you will be rewarded. Take the time to post to forums and create engaging content. You will be rewarded with more business and more web site traffic.

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