Saturday, September 25, 2010

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Think Outside The Box!

Job search according to researchers is common cause for depression, which we'll need to avoid for obvious reasons. People always talk about "black hole" - this mysterious place where your resumes go and are never heard of again. Months of silence and desperation, fears and worries can develop into anxiety.

Now what I suggest you do is to expand your horizons, to think outside the box.

1. Don't apply only for the jobs that you've done before. You've got your list of jobs you'll never be able to do and your dream jobs and you have an approximate salary that you need to survive. Here is your range: put into the search criteria your salary and exclude the jobs you won't do. Anything else is fair game.

2. Use global search engines like or without geographic specifications. Think outside the box - plenty of people can not think of moving the country or even state, but what if your dream job is somewhere on tropical island and offers a very attractive package for relocation? Consider how much less competition you face here with so many people being afraid to relocate.

3. Think of your unique skills and put them through job search engine as criteria again without limiting yourself by location. You'll find very interesting results I reckon.

4. Don't forget you've got another skill which is very valuable - you are native English speaker. If you have any kind of degree you can teach in any part of the world. Last I've heard tropical islands in Thailand are very popular and South Korean schools pay very handsomely ($1000 - 2000 per month for a start). If you spend months and months searching for jobs in US why not take a break and go to Asia for a year - you'll save some money and travel around the region.

5. Consider jobs for couples outside US if your partner is in the same position as you and feel adventurous or desperate enough to apply for jobs elsewhere. There are housekeeping jobs for eco-resorts or luxury hotels around the world which offer full package - salary, accommodation and food. There are teaching jobs for couples as well.

6. At last but not least, look for distant jobs over the Internet. There are plenty of small businesses around, which employ you on short-term contract base to be their accountant, project manager, secretary, copywriter, translator, web developer, etc. through the Web. There are websites like or and plenty of others to help you to get started.

Remember, huge unemployment benefit is that you have time to start anew, to search for an optimal occupation for yourself, just be brave and grab an opportunity to change your life.

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