Friday, August 24, 2012

10 Proven Ways To Increase Sales

Follow These Steps To Win More Steps
Segue to proactive mode Identify prospects Lean on loyals for referrals Create a strong pitch Cross-sell and up-sell existing customers Get partners to sell for you Follow up (with thanks) after the sale Segue to Proactive Mode The first and most important thing you can do to upgrade your sales results is very simple: Make your sales effort a priority. It seems obvious, but sometimes with all the minutiae of running a business, you get caught up in other activities that don’t put you directly on the path to growth.

Over time, this can become a rhythm that sticks you in the status quo, stagnating. If this sounds familiar to you, it’s time to change your mindset.

To knock the dust off your current sales effort, here are some easy but helpful tips to move you into proactive selling mode.

Create a daily sales checklist. For example, identify the number of accounts you’ll approach today. Set aside a specific amount of time each day when you’re focused strictly on selling activity (or at least, someone at your business is). Treat your selling time as sacred. Don’t let inbound e-mails or piles of snail mail distract you or break your focus. To sell effectively, you have to be in selling mode. Know your product or service in and out, rehearse your script, get upbeat, heck — listen to a favorite inspiring song if that’s what it takes! Just be sure you get in the zone, because this kind of energy brings out the best in you. Plus, it’s wildly contagious.

Look at sales as a numbers game. Rejection is an opportunity to learn, streamline your pitch and try again. Be sure you crank up the pipeline of potential sales so you have good odds of closing on enough business to meet your goals. Set performance goals. For example, you will achieve $X in sales during Y period of time. If you don’t reach the goals, you need to analyze why. It could be that you need to, a) make changes in what you’re offering, b) change the way you’re offering it, or perhaps, C) reset your goals at more reasonable levels. Unify everyone’s effort at the company by sharing the goals team-wide. There’s nothing like keeping everyone informed and aligned to create an environment where people are armed to be proactive.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Colorado Telecommunications News Updates- Level3, Time Warner, Zayo, ATT, Primus & Earthlink!

Group: Telecom Jobs and News Updates Subject: Level 3 Expands Voice Service In U.S. 

Agents who sell Level 3 voice services can now operate in all 50 states. The CLEC has expanded its voice service portfolio to provide customers with local phone numbers in Hawaii and Alaska. SOURCE: Channel Partners ( )

 About 20,000 AT&T Inc. workers in the East and West started striking even as the telecommunications giant reached tentative deals with unions in the Southeast. SOURCE: Los Angeles Times ( )

 Earthlink Shares Goals For National Master Program SOURCE: Channel Partners ( ) Time Warner Cable is expanding its state-of-the-art network by offering Wi-Fi hot spots across uptown Charlotte. The launch of TWC WiFi will provide fast, reliable Internet access to any Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, phone or tablet. SOURCE: Market Watch ( )

 tw telecom announced the national availability of a true bandwidth on demand service, enabling customers to change their bandwidth in real time. The service is available immediately through the company's direct and indirect sales channels in the 75 major metro markets tw telecom serves across the country. SOURCE: Channel Partners ( )

Primus Telecommunications Group announced the acquisition of Globility Communications, a Canadian CLEC that they already held a big stake in. But perhaps more importantly, they announced new metro fiber buildout plans to go with it. SOURCE: Telecom Ramblings ( )

Zayo announces the expansion of its Las Vegas, NV network with the addition of 155 new route miles. This fiber build, which is in support of a large customer expansion, will extend Zayo's fiber reach in Nevada both in downtown Las Vegas and nearby areas.

SOURCE: World News Report ( ) This message is brought to you by Telarus ( ), the premier value added distributor for cloud, data center, and carrier services.

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